Life can come in waves. These times offer an array of stresses, and often it really helps to equip yourself with perspective and tools to confront what the world might throw at you. Often self-doubt, anxiety, and depression creep into our lives. It can be difficult to shake. My style is to challenge negative thoughts with compassion. To give you more credit than you might be giving yourself. 

We might talk about how to balance responsibilities, how to get the support you need, how to feel connected to others, and what ‘adulting’ really means. Let’s work together to find the most helpful way for you to find your voice. Individual counseling sessions are a time to feel heard and understood. The bottom line… we will work to resolve your problems. This is more than just talk therapy. We will use creative techniques to meet your goals.

Not only do I want to hear about your experience, but I also want to offer some powerful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) tools to reorient your mind, emotions, and behavior. Rather than only looking at problems, I want to talk about what is great about you. By highlighting your strengths, I hope you will feel empowered to overcome life’s challenges with a renewed sense of self.


Do you wish you had more friends? Do you wish you weren’t so anxious or sad? Do you wish you could get along better with your parents and teachers? Would you like to talk to someone that you can be open with and share what’s really on your mind? I hope I can be that person for you.No matter what your problems, we can figure it out together.

It can be hard to open up to someone about things that bother you. It can also be a very liberating feeling. We will work together to create a trusting relationship so that you can resolve the problems in your life.

I make sure that therapy isn’t a boring time where we only talk about feelings. I have games, activities, and games available at any time. I have some games that are really fun and may also help with life issues. I am also happy to go outside to play sports, go on hikes, or whatever makes the time together most helpful.

Some of the things that we might work on… feeling less anxious and depressed, finding ways to communicate better, knowing what to do with your anger, becoming more confident, and getting along with your family. I am comfortable talking about anything on your mind.

We may also meet with your family sometimes to talk about how they can support you, and maybe how they can learn new ways to handle things in your family.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist


The connection between client and counselor opens the doors for healing. I want you to feel like I am the right choice for you. Click below if you’d like to learn a bit more about my experience and perspective.



I am happy to answer any questions you have…