Most families go through difficult times. Seeking help and coaching around these issues can be beneficial. If you want to resolve conflict, this is a great start in helping your child individuate and be more successful in family, school, and friendships.

The more I work with individuals, the more I value the family dynamic, and how it all fits together. I tune in to the teen and the family. A major goal is to increase communication among family members so that everyone feels good moving forward. This is a balance of supporting both parents and children in their role as part of the family.

We will incorporate individual and family goals to achieve a cohesive family system. I will work to empower you with communication tools and skills to resolve difficult moments and emphasize the strengths of your family.

The process with families is fluid by nature. It is common to include parents in a session with your child who is coming for individual sessions. It may be important to include only certain family members for certain sessions depending on the needs of the family. This brings the issues to light, and it then becomes clear how parents and children can find common ground.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapist


The connection between client and counselor opens the doors for healing. I want you to feel like I am the right choice for you. Click below if you’d like to learn a bit more about my experience and perspective.


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