A group for those looking to expand their perspective and their connection with others. This is an inclusive group built for people to feel safe to express themselves and learn that others have similar thoughts and feelings.


Learn skills to conquer your social anxiety. This group is action oriented and solution-based. You will learn how to understand how to identify the thoughts creating stress, how to change your inner dialogue, and relax before big events. Connect with others who know what it feels like, and learn ways to find success even in the midst of stress.


This program is designed to enable a sense of connection and community. It is a safe container to express all parts of yourself. You will be rewarded for your authenticity with a deeper sense of belonging.

Do you feel that you always end up in the same situation, same conflicts, or same relationships all the time… and don’t know why? It’s possible that you are caught in a subconscious loop. This program is designed to uncover our subconscious beliefs about ourselves and others. Learn your patterns and how to break them. Learn how to rewire your brain to fit what you really want out of life.


This program is a crash course in couples’ therapy. This intensive for couples will offer common sources of conflict for couples, make or break issues that create tension, hinge points for a healthy relationship, and communication skills. Couples will also benefit from hearing each other’s relationship journey and understanding very common pitfalls in relationships. This is a skills-based approach based on many principles of the Gottman method.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapist


The connection between client and counselor opens the doors for healing. I want you to feel like I am the right choice for you. Click below if you’d like to learn a bit more about my experience and perspective.


I am happy to answer any questions you have…


This group is built for those that are isolated and unable to connect with their community. The online forum will bring us together to talk about our social needs, our value for connection, and the feelings that come when those needs aren’t met. 

You qualify for this group if you feel confined, lonely, anxious, stress, worried, or down. It is an inclusive group that is built to find common ground in our experiences.

Each group meeting will last for one hour. We will meet a minimum of 4 weeks (and see after that). If you sign up, it is important that you are present for all of the group meetings.



A collaborative group for fathers and sons to connect in a different way. Explore the connection, the meaning of fatherhood, the lessons worth teaching, and the ways to talk to each other for real. This group is active and includes movement, games, and the outdoors to make the process comfortable and enriching. Learn from other fathers and sons on how they approach the relationship, the struggles they face, and how to focus on connection.


SONS (AGES 14 - 19)